Apple has decided to make the CD-RW version of its iBook available solely as a build-to-order (BTO) option from its AppleStore, and to make its previous BTO-only CD-RW/DVD drive available to all its reseller channels.

The news was announced in the US by MacCentral yesterday. Now, Macworld can confirm the decision affects the UK. Apple watchers are impressed with the speed the company implemented the decision in both markets.

Apple's newly-announced iBook has apparently proved very popular with consumers. Apple has released no figures, but resellers say they have been enjoying significant pre-orders.

An important note: Apple UK points out that resellers with a direct buying relationship with the company will still be able to gain supplies of the CD-RW iBooks through Apple's AppleStore for resellers.

Unique solution now for all The decision to make the CD-RW/DVD combo drive available to resellers may reflect the drives uniqueness, speculates MacCentral. It's the only-available Mac to be equipped with such a drive. Some speculate that the decision to control distribution of the CD-RW version in favour of the CD-RW/DVD drive takes the portables' position at the digital hub to another level. Rip. Mix. Burn - and Watch Movies.

There are no price changes. The standard CD-ROM-equipped iBook still costs £935 (ex. VAT). The DVD-ROM iBook is £1,105, and the CD-ROM/DVD iBook costs £1,360. The CD-RW-equipped iBook is now a build-to-order option according to the AppleStore, and costs £1,190.