The latest research from Gartner and IDC is in, and it confirms a growing marketshare for the Mac, reaching 6.6 per cent.

The reports both confirm that Apple's Mac business outgrew the overall US PC market by a significant margin in Q1 2008. While the global PC market grew 14.6 per cent, in the US overall growth was just 3.5 per cent. And Apple outgrew both.

Gartner pegs Mac shipments in the US as up 32.5 per cent; IDC offered more conservative assesement, pegging growth at 25.1 per cent. Either way, Apple outgrew the market.

Dell was the only other company to post double-digit growth, with about 15.6 per cent growth in the first quarter.

Apple's success means it now holds around 6 per cent of the US computer market. Gartner believes Apple now has 6.6 per cent, while IDC claims Apple's at 6 per cent of US market share.

Apple reportedly shipped in excess of 1.01 million Macs across the US in the quarter, and saw "decent growth" in the professional market. The company saw marketshare under 4.3 per cent on a global basis.