Apple and a number of industry leaders are teaming up with Oracle to offer a resilient, low-cost storage initiative.

Oracle claims that the Resilient Low-Cost Storage Initiative will help organizations use modular, low-cost storage arrays in both departmental and enterprise environments.

The company says the use of low-cost storage such as ATA disk based arrays, in conjunction with Oracle Database 10g, enables organizations to build affordable, highly available and scalable database storage grids to support corporate IT initiatives.

The industry leaders involved in the project, as well as Apple, are Dell, EMC, Engenio, HP, MPC Computers and Network Appliance. The companies are collaborating to promote adoption of low-cost storage for database implementations, and developing optimized database storage configurations and best practices for the deployment of low-cost storage with Oracle Database 10g.

Oracle VP systems technologies Juan Loaiza said: "We're eager to work with these industry leaders to evangelize the use of low-cost storage. For many application environments, low-cost storage delivers excellent availability and performance. Oracle is deploying low-cost storage in its own IT organization and this has resulted in low acquisition cost and ongoing maintenance cost savings."

"Oracle Database 10g's unique capabilities enable the development of a low-cost database storage grid with high levels of scalability and availability," added Loaiza.