Apple is considering legal action against the maker of an iMac-lookalike that has been advertised on Australian company FishPC's Web site.

Apple representative Alec Rosen said he was "unsure" if there were any copyright or trademark infringements, but added that it "looks pretty darn close to an iMac," according to a CNET report.

In an email exchange, FishPC's general manager Timothy Sabre denied that it was a copy: "In no way are we copying or trying to copy other machines. If you look closer at the system, the CPU looks like a fish standing on its tail, hence the name FishPC. The system comes as separate components and not an all-in-one unit. What also makes the system very different is the CPU - it stands under 30cm high and has a front-loading CD-ROM system."

The translucent PC comes in red, purple, blue, navy and orange, and sports a K6II 450MHz AMD processor. According to the CNET story, the machine could be based on AMD's EasyNow PC design, which the company licenses to other PC manufacturers.

Apple's Rosen said on Friday: "We certainly will take a close look at the company and see what the deal is here and whether it is infringing on our patents or trademarks."