Apple is to launch a massive advertising campaign to woo Windows users to the Mac, later this year.

Apple vice president of Europe Pascal Cagni told Macworld that the company plans to spend $4-5 million in the UK alone on the media campaign.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has made no secret of his aim to increase the Mac’s marketshare by targeting “the other 95 per cent” – those people using a PC but not a Mac. Depending on location, Apple’s market-share is believed to be between 3 and 5 per cent of all personal computers sold.

Apple already has several strands to its marketshare-building strategy. The company hopes that its award-winning software programs, such as iMovie, iTunes, iDVD and iPhoto, and services such as iTools - all bundled free with Macs – will persuade people to buy a Mac rather than a Windows PC.

Apple has expanded this policy of ‘Best in Class’ products to hardware, as well – with the iPod digital-music player selling more than competing MP3 players, according to Apple UK’s managing director, Mark Rogers.

Retail strategy In the US, Apple is using its range of Apple retail stores to hook passing trade.

Opening one store, Apple's senior vice president of retail Ron Johnson said: "We're here to expand Apple's marketshare. The store is orientated to those 95 per cent that don't use Macs."

The ‘Winter Switcher’ campaign will run through the busy Christmas period – a key time for consumer-PC purchasing.