DigiDesign is working with Apple's recently acquired Emagic subsidiary to deliver Logic Platinum support for DigiDesign hardware on Mac OS X.

The companies want to work quickly, stressed DigiDesign's general manager Dave Lebolt: "We will work together closely to ensure the release of Logic support on OS X as close to the release of ProTools 6.0 as possible."

Both firms are also working together to deliver new Emagic products to Pro Tools users. They are developing Pro Tools-compatible synthesizers, keyboards and assorted virtual instruments from Emagic's range. The products will also support OS X.

Native Finally, soon after Pro Tools 6.0 is released, DigiDesign intends to release OS X Core Audio drivers that will enable Emagic support of DigiDesign's I/O hardware in native Emagic applications.

In related news, sources have confirmed Apple acquired Emagic (for $30 million) for the technology it owned – not in order to take a strategic position from which to put the likes of Steinberg and DigiDesign out of business.

It's not thought the company will introduce a stripped-down version of Logic for consumers at this stage.

Apple is believed to be working hard with many audio firms to resolve any outstanding problems between their solutions and Mac OS X. "Apple values all the developers who work on its platform," an insider said.