Apple has published a report explaining how its technologies helped video producers meet a tight deadline.

London video agency largeblue made a promotional movie for Ben & Jerry's Climate Change Challenge, despite not receiving the footage until just 24-hours before the press launch.

The drowning planet

"If ice sheets continue to melt and sea levels rise at the current rate, between 40 and 50 per cent of the world's coastal wetlands will be underwater by 2080," the report explains.

The Ben & Jerry movie aims to explain the risk. Ice cream company co-founder Jerry Greenfield was determined to act to address global warming, so he worked with explorer Marc Cornelissen and the World Wildlife Fund to set up the Climate Change College.

Tools for activists

The college aims to take a group of 18-25 year olds through the process of learning to be climate change activists. Largeblue was contracted to create the promotional movie for the project.

Film footage was captured in Greenland, with two-thirds of this arriving earlier than the last third, which arrived the day before the press conference announcing the college.

Apple's enabling technologies

The company used Power Macs, iMacs, PowerBooks, Mac OS X, FInal Cut (Studio and Pro), Compressor, DVD Studio Pro, QuickTime and Digidesign Pro - along with a large dose of talent - to create the movie urging young people to act against climate change.

The company had to wade through a plethora of late-arriving material to achieve its aim, working into the night to meet the deadline, but the results met the challenge.

"We were under a lot of pressure", said largeblue, "but the technology was fantastic. It facilitated us rather than getting in our way".