First fruits of Oracle's move to authorise Oracle Database 10g for Mac OS X has already been seen, with a major enterprise migration to Xserves showing how easily Macs now sit within the enterprise.

Global online lottery provider Goldenpot has been extensively testing the beta release of Oracle 10g for OS X, and now intends making a small cluster of Xserves its main backbone for its Bolivian operations, with plans to upgrade to a ten node cluster soon, as new countries "go live".

The lottery company's project manager, Christian Trotobas said: "IT is mission critical: all together; Oracle 10g on Xserve, Mac OS X amd Java WebObjects are the key solutions we adopted to achieve perfect availability of our games at very affordable costs, and with simplified deployment and maintenance."

Trotobas stressed the importance his company attaches to its technological infrastructure, its scalability and reliability, it's "essential", he explained. This is because with multiple countries across multiple time zones to support, the company can't afford down time to extend or maintain its system.

The company's database manager Bruno Houn described the joint Apple/Oracle offering as "the ideal proposition for our IT infrastructure requirements".

In related news, Oracle has adopted uses an Xserve RAID-based storage system as the basis for its own use of Oracle Collaboration Suite, which brings an integrated email, VoiceMail, fax, calendaring and file handling solution to its employees as well as real time collaboration facilities such as Instant Messaging and Web seminars.