Senior Mac OS 'Tiger' engineers feature in a set of playing cards developed by Apple's developer community that are available now online.

With Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) approaching, a developer has created the WWDC 2005 Engineer Trading Cards.

The collection features: platform experience vice president Scott Forstall; senior vice president software engineering Bertrand Serlet; vice president of the interactive media group, Tim Schaaff; vice president development technologies Ted Goldstein; and many, many more.

The collection's creator, Martin Pittenauer, explains: "Recently Apple published a "The Engineers Behind Tiger" feature in the WWDC area of the developer connection. Nice sleek presentation. Somehow it reminded me of something when I first saw it, but I could not think of what," the trading cards creator said.

He decided to make the cards, and adds, "after a bit of laying out the cards, adding cheesy trading card/Magic the Gathering inspired humour to it and waiting until the backdrop artwork is public, I present you with the full set."

Warning that the humour on the cards is "still somewhat alpha", he wants people to help develop games to play with the cards.

You can also try your hand at the MacTrumps game we published in Macworld magazine last year. In PDF format you can download and print out (and stick down onto stiff card) from here.