Apple is ranked ninth out of 28 global computer companies for its eco-friendly attitude in the Third Annual Computer Report Card – commissioned by the Computer Take Back Campaign (CTBC).

Canon was ranked first, with Toshiba, IBM, Fujitsu, Sony, NEC, Hewlett-Packard and Brother following in descending order.

Apple was also ranked third out of ten US computer companies in the Annual Computer Report Card, issued every autumn. The report analyzes the environmental qualities of electronic equipment and the environmental performance of companies that sell desktops, laptops, computers, monitors and or printers.

Web site ranking Twenty-eight computer companies were gauged, based on information provided on their Web sites. Some of the other 28 companies assessed were Compaq, Dell and Gateway

The report emphasizes three main environmental areas – the hygiene of company's production lines, protecting employee health, and producing eco-friendly products.

Apple is highlighted as an example, as the company in Germany offers a free take-back program to recycle computers. However, no such program is available in the UK or US.

The report also noted that Apple makes detailed technical-specifications sheets available to its customers. These sheets include information on eco-labels and upgradeability of equipment. The third annual report adds that Apple's sheets serve as models for other companies.