Apple is the leader in the US kindergarten-to-year-12 education market (K-12), according to an IDC report.

The report from the industry research firm says Apple has maintained its lead in the US K-12 education market. There are twice as many desktop and portable Macs in this sector than Apple's nearest competitor, the report claims.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: "Education is in our DNA at Apple. We have been the installed-base leader in K-12 education for nearly 25 years, and innovative products like our wirelessly networked new iBooks will keep us on top."

Portable leader The data also confirms that Apple is the leading notebook provider to education. Tom Copeland, vice president of worldwide tracker products for IDC, said: "IDC forecasts a 30 per cent growth rate for US-education market portable shipments in 2001. We also predict that portables will account for about 19.4 per cent of the US-education market units in 2001, up from 15.8 per cent last year."

IDC's data corroborates other recent reports that Apple is top of the class. Quality Education Data said US public schools are equipped with up to 3,236,000 Apple systems. Apple competitor Dell's figure is half that at 1,572,000 units.