Apple has filed to trademark the word "Numbers".

This follows recent news of the company applying for the trademark of the word "Mactel" and the phrase, "Jam Box".

JamBox is described as: "Computer hardware; computer software; computer peripherals, namely audio production systems comprised of computer hardware and software for composing, recording, creating, converting, enhancing, processing, amplifying, mixing, manipulating, and playing audio signals."

Jammin', jammin'

From this description it's possible to speculate that this is a new name for Apple's secretive "Asteroid" project, or even potentially a DJ iPod for the rapidly emerging digital DJ phenomenon. However, the description clearly lends itself to any amount of speculation.

AppleInsider speculates that Apple may plan to add a spreadsheet application to its existing iWork applications, Pages and Keynote.

The report points out that Apple's application defines Numbers fairly nebulously, as "computer software".

It also adds that iWork sales remain slack, with consumers instead turning to Microsoft Office, which remains the de facto standard for office productivity on Mac and Windows.