Apple CEO Steve Jobs has "tricked people into buying a hardware trap", Napster president Brad Duea has accused.

Speaking to the BBC, Duea suggests that Apple's music business model effectively locks users in.

iPods won't play digital rights-protected songs from other services, and iTunes purchases won't play on other devices.

He accuses Apple of slicing the market up; with the majority of digital music users turning to Cupertino's service.

In an attempt to popularise subscription services, he also argues that owning music isn't essential.

"I do not think the argument about ownership is such a wonderful thing. What do you really want as a music fan? It's to access music and listening to music," he said.

The BBC report does contain an inaccuracy, claiming Napster to have 410,000 subscribers paying "up to £14.95 each month". These are US figures, and the price is $14.95.