Apple is initiating an aggressive campaign to bring its "legendary ease-of-use" features into the public eye, with branding that says: "Everything is easier on a Mac."

The company's UK business unit has a twelve-page brochure focused particularly on the iMac that carries the message. There's also a fold up sheet in production, designed to bring the ease-of-use message across.

The slogan is an extension of a message the company has been trying to bring home for some time – it was clearly visible during the UK's BETT show in January this year. It's designed to broaden the appeal of the Mac, as Apple works to increase its market share – and tries to overcome the general preconception of the Mac as a minority platform used in the arts.

The company has also introduced a Web page repeating the 16-page leaflet's points, including: better Web performance; Web-site building with iTools; Web browsing; and file sharing.