Apple UK has published a piece looking at how Macs were used at Glastonbury Festival to publish a daily newspaper.

The Glastonbury Times appeared daily during the event. It was produced on site by a team of seven journalists using six Macs, and a variety of publishing applications. The team also made extensive use of Apple's AirPort technology, in order to create a reliable computer network.

Apple's technology wins praise for being easy to set-up and test - which the team found essential in a busy festival environment.

“When you’re at Glastonbury, you’re literally on your own out there,” said EMAP publishing systems consultant, Jonathan Moore. “There’s no going back to the office to pick up or exchange a piece of kit.”

The editorial team returned a page of festival news per hour - a challenge to journalists used to working in Q Magazine's monthly environment.

“I wouldn’t have trusted another platform to set up and allow us to do something so quickly", said Moore.

“This kind of technology is the future for the publishing industry,” he explained.