Apple UK has published The Revolution will be Televised, which looks at how people use Apple's video technologies to create fast-moving, broadcast-quality TV show.

The article looks at a show called The A-Z of Now, which was broadcast on Channel 4 last month. This programme is described as a "visually exciting show where images and graphics reflect and illustrate the fast moving argument of the show's presenter".

Programme makers Difference used a variety of solutions to make the show: including Photoshop; Final Cut Pro; Power Macintosh G4s; and PowerBooks.

The show was one of the first to "make the journey from digital-video rushes through to broadcast-quality digi-beta master using an end-to-end Apple solution".

Richard Gillespie, co-founder of Difference, said: "What is fantastic is that the technology is flexible so we can build a solution which works for any professional production company."

"The price is fantastic and the equipment is definitely up to the job," concludes Will McNeil, The A-Z of Now editor.