The Apple TV is shipping now, and iLounge has put together an interesting ten-point list of initial technical findings.

The report reveals a number of hitherto unknown facts concerning Apple's latest £199 media streaming device.

They explain, for example, that the included 40GB hard drive actually has an unused capacity of just 33GB, the rest of the space is consumerd by the Apple TV OS (a version of OS X) and some explanatory videos.

The report confirms that more recent iTunes Store film downloads look great – DVD quality. However, the older 320-x-240 resolution films the service used to sell are less high quality, "but still watchable".

The report also notes that not all widescreen televisions will work with the device, advising users: "Don’t expect it to work on a non-HD widescreen TV."

Finally, the report warns that the device doesn't allow users to look at images held on networked computers – to use the Apple TV to browse image collections, the image library must be synced with the unit first, in other words, downloaded to the Apple TV hard drive.

You can read the iLounge report here.