Apple's UK site is hosting an in-depth report on the creation of an innovative new Web site that exists to preserve audio-visual biographies of some of the world's finest minds.

Called the PeoplesArchive, the site aims to capture and broadcast the life-stories of the world's greatest scientists, filmmakers, artists, designers and writers.

The site offers video interviews with the great and the good, and will ultimately be made available on a subscription service. The whole exercise is powered by Apple technology.

The report looks at how Apple's Xserve, Xserve RAID, and its software titles are used in the production process for the site.

"The quality of the films is key to the enterprise", said information architect Dr Christopher Thorpe. "We don't just want a film of someone talking – we want viewers to feel like they're really there, listening to the person telling their life story".

As well as iMovie, QuickTime Pro and Power Mac G5s, the developers are using AppleScript technology extensively within the process.

"There are some very time-consuming processes – such as exporting and compressing video – that AppleScript can perform at night or when part-time workers are out of the office. It's like having extra members of staff," said Thorpe.