Brendan O’Sullivan, acting managing director of Apple UK is to become Apple Europe’s Director, Education Europe.

O’Sullivan will be replaced in the UK by Mark Rogers, the current interim vice president of sales and marketing for the Asia/Pacific region.

MacCentral reports that Apple is also engaged in a number of executive job-shifts in its Australian and Asian offices, with a number of US execs moving to overseas assignments.

Top of the class Education is a key market for Apple. Research firm, IDC released figures last June which revealed that Apple captured 26 per cent of the US market, and 14 per cent of the worldwide education sales market in the first three months of 1999.

Analysts maintain high expectations for the company. Apple’s focus is expected to be expansion and consolidation, as well as the development of key markets, such as education.

On the move, O’Sullivan said: “I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to run Apple in the UK. It’s one of Apple’s strongest businesses in Europe.

“Apple is tremendously positioned to provide a great service. We’ve never had a stronger story to tell.”

O’Sullivan’s successor, Mark Rogers, has been working with Apple in the Asia-Pacific region. British-born, Rogers returns to oversee Apple’s development in the UK. He is known as a man of business acumen who values his staff.

O’Sullivan says: “I believe Apple UK will go from strength to strength under him.”