Apple is calling out for creative Mac users to work in its retail stores.

Mac users with experience within the creative markets can apply for positions at Apple's Brent Cross, London, and Bluewater, Kent stores.

The company seeks users with a focus on quality, it explains: "Our Creatives are experts who use their unique talents to provide advice, inspiration and education to Apple's retail customers."

Jacks of trades

These talented staff members are expected to offer customers a range of facilitating knowledge across multiple creative disciplines. "Whether you're designing a logo, a presentation or a slick letterhead, re-touching photos, composing music or making a Hollywood-style movie, we want you to help make the Apple Store a place where Mac users can turn their creative ideas into reality."

Creative staff must have a strong knowledge across Apple's creative applications, and must also be competent to: "Facilitate paid-studio and free-learning workshops about a designated solution using Apple-approved training techniques and materials."

Full and part-time posts are available, the company wants users with three to five years experience of using pro- and consumer applications in a creative environment.