Apple UK is offering Adobe Premiere customers an easy way to switch to Final Cut Pro and Express.

Under terms of the deal, which runs until September 20, Premiere customers can trade in their install disks for a copy of Final Cut Express, or swap them for a including-VAT £300 rebate on the price of Final Cut Pro 4.

Apple's VP applications marketing Rob Schoeben said: "We're offering Premiere customers a unique opportunity to join the party. There has never been a better time for Premiere customers to make the switch."

Customers buying a new Mac until September 20 are also being offered the chance to buy Final Cut Express at a discount of £170 (including VAT) if the latter is acquired at the same time as the Mac.

Premiere users wanting to upgrade to Final Cut Express for free are being asked to fill out a coupon which will be available on Friday from Apple. They need to send this in with their Premiere disks.

The rebate offer requires customers to purchase Final Cut Pro 4 from an Apple Authorized Reseller or the Apple Store. They must also fill out a coupon and send it along with the Premiere disks and proof of purchase of Final Cut.