UK shipment growth of Apple notebooks continue to exceed those across the industry, analyst firm IDC confirmed last night.

Overall, UK industry shipment growth in the second quarter was at its highest level for almost four years.

Figures released by the analyst company show that year-on-year Apple's UK notebook shipments grew 41.3 per cent across consumer and commercial markets.

Average growth across PC manufacturers in the UK in the notebook sector (across consumer and small-to-medium businesses) was 24.3 per cent. Apple once again exceeded UK PC industry shipment growth.

"Notebook shipment growth has remained very strong," observed IDC analyst Ian Gibbs.

Consumers favour portables

Apple's success in the UK consumer notebook market is even more pronounced: year-on-year shipments grew 96.4 per cent in that sector, the analysts claim. That figure combines with Apple's 25.3 per cent marketshare growth in the commercial sector for Apple's overall shipment growth of 41.3 per cent in the UK notebook sector.

Overall market growth across both notebooks and desktops for all PC manufacturers was 21.4 per cent, with shipments of 1.87 million units.

The UK desktop market also saw improvement, with 19.6 per cent growth year-on-year. "A steady uplift in corporate demand has been noted over the last few quarters, with necessary renewals and the replacement of aging infrastructure slowly gaining momentum," said Gibbs.

Consumer desktop sales growth outpaces industry

"Apple's total desktop shipments are improving, although this did not grow as fast as the market," he told Macworld, adding, "However, segmenting this down to consumer versus commercial, Apple's consumer desktop shipments have outgrown the consumer desktop market."

The analyst told Macworld that Apple saw 16 per cent shipment growth in consumer desktops and 14.2 per cent growth in its shipments of commercial desktops, for an overall desktop shipment growth in the UK of 15 per cent.

"Although Apple still only holds 2.5 per cent market share overall, it has performed well within the niche that it has carved out for itself," Gibbs said.

"The huge success of the iPod continues to strengthen its credibility as an effective consumer brand," he observed.