Apple UK has launched a new deal for students, offering a significant rebate on the cost of a new iPod when purchased at the same time as a new Mac.

The company's new 'Buy a Mac and save big on an iPod' deal will be available until October 7.

Only MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iMacs and Power Mac G5s are eligible for the deal. The iPod must be purchased at the same time as the Mac. Different levels of discount are available, depending on which iPod is acquired.

Apple will offer a £100 rebate on 2GB and 4GB iPod nano purchases and all iPod with video purchases. A 1GB iPod nano qualifies for an £80 rebate under the scheme. A 1GB iPod shuffle qualifies for £55 rebate while a 512MB iPod shuffle qualifies for a £40 rebate.

Only students can apply for the discount (which is in addition to their existing student discount). They must post a form to Apple which will then send them a cheque for the amount they have qualified for.