Apple UK has announced a pair of offers to tempt Mac shoppers.

The company's new 'Price Matching' deal means that if a shopper sees Apple hardware or software at a lower price at another store, Apple will match the price.

Apple is even prepared to match prices available from its existing reseller chain, the company said: "If you are eligible to purchase products online at the participating UK Apple Store for Business or the UK Apple Store for Consumers, Apple will match a better price offer from an Apple reseller."

Apple's resellers may not be thrilled by this, as resellers have traditionally shed small slices of their razor-thin Mac margins in order to secure sales.

Apple explains: "Apple will reduce its price by up to 10 per cent to meet a reseller’s offer for Apple-branded products offered at the Apple Store for Business and the Apple Store for Consumers."

As students prepare for a new year, Apple has also launched its 'Cram and Jam' offer. If a student buys an iPod and a PowerBook or iBook, they will receive a £130 rebate. They must mail-in a form to receive this rebate, which will be made available from the Apple Store.