Apple UK is announcing the details of country-wide special events to mark the launch of Mac OS X on March 24.

The company plans to host a series of demo days across the UK to celebrate the public release of its operating system (OS). The first official Mac OS X launch party will be at Micro Anvika, London, from Friday March 23 at 11pm.

The launch party offers free refreshments, food, live music and a selection of one-off deals. The first 100 people to make it there will get free OS X T-shirts, and the first 50 get a free Apple Pro Mouse.

Stuart Harris, Apple UK's software business manager, will give a talk and demonstration of some of the features of Apple's "crash-proof" OS, and at midnight it will go on sale.

Apple says that all participating outlets will feature hands-on demonstrations and lots of Mac-related special offers. Some stores will be offering refreshments and Mac OS X souvenirs, including stickers and T-shirts.

Mac OS X will cost £99 (including VAT) in the UK. Public preview beta testers are entitled to a £25 discount voucher. In order to get the voucher, users should register at Apple's Web site by March 14.