Apple UK has launched its 'More memory for less' promotion, offering Mac purchasers up to 38 per cent off the cost of more memory.

The company is offering this inducement to anyone buying an iMac, PowerMac or Xserve G5. The level of discount depends on what type of memory and how much memory is acquired. The minimum saving is 8 per cent.

The offer is available only through the Apple Store and only until May 8. Full details concerning this promotion are available from Apple.

Memory buyers may want to double-check the cost of Apple's memory against those from other memory suppliers, such as

The latter firm offers 512MB memory for a 1.25GHz G4 iMac for £70.49, and 256MB memory for the same Mac costs £30.54. Apple charges £80 (including VAT) for the 512MB memory, according to the Apple Store.