Apple UK is now selling the long-anticipated NVidia GeForce4 Ti graphics card as a stand-alone accessory through the Apple Store.

The NVidia GeForce4 Ti graphics card costs £329 (including VAT), and is built on the nFiniteFX II engine. The product carries the full weight of graphics-processing tasks, delivering performance advantages by freeing the Macs processor for other, non-graphics-related tasks.

The card offers 128MB of fast Double Data Rate (DDR) RAM. A note on Apple’s site claims that the unit: “Delivers a theoretical memory throughput of 10.56 GB/sec, which can deliver over 87 million triangles and over 4.9 billion textured pixels (texels) per second. Using the latest 13-micron manufacturing process, it delivers 63 million transistors, and can deliver over 1.23 trillion operations/sec.”

The product is only for Power Mac G4 systems equipped with AGP 4X slots.

Apple announced plans to carry NVidia’s solution as a build-to-order option on G4 Macs in February. The company released, rescinded and re-released the news.