Apple UK has launched a new version of its iBook Wireless Mobile Classroom for schools.

The new version is described as "more powerful and more scalable than ever". The product offers docks in which iBooks can be stored – and charged.

Apple says: "Each Mobile Classroom is now sold as a ‘Base Unit’, containing the key elements – such as the Bretford Cart and AirPort Extreme Base Station – to which you can add your choice of five, ten or fifteen iBook G4 systems with either 12.1- or 14.1-inch screens."

A note on Apple's site presses home the advantages of its solution to cash-strapped space-hungry schools: "The iBook Wireless Mobile Classroom reduces wiring costs and installation time. You don’t need to tear down walls and reconfigure buildings. You don’t need to invest in a dedicated computer lab. You have a cost-effective solution for placing multiple computers in a classroom."

Apple recounts the experience at Liverpool’s Dovedale Infants school (which John Lennon went to): “If we had a whole set of PCs, the only place we would have room to set them up would be the Hall. Which would mean children doing ICT sessions while other children were doing PE in the same space”, said headteacher Wen Williams. “Because they’re mobile, we can take them easily to any classroom at any time, which means that all the children can get access more often and for longer”.

The base unit consists of: 1x Teacher’s 933MHz iBook G4 with a pre-installed AirPort Extreme Card; an AirPort Base Station; a copy of Apple Remote Desktop software; a Canon LiDE30 Scanner; a HP1300 Laser Printer + JetDirect 175x Ethernet Adaptor and a Silver Bretford Cart. Schools can choose between six different options.