Apple's core operating-systems chief will speak to the UK Unix User Group on November 11 at Apple UK's headquarters in Stockley Park.

Apple director of engineering Simon Patience is responsible for the BSD core of the operating system, and has Unix development experience stretching back 20 years. He will discuss the Unix underpinnings of OS X.

Other speakers include: Stuart McRobert, head of the computing support group in the department of computing at Imperial College London; Ken Tabb, who looks after the Mac and Unix servers and networks at the Faculty of Health and Human Sciences at the University of Hertfordshire; and programmer Simon Cozens.

Tabb will discuss using OS X, including vectorizing code for AltiVec, parallel processing, and clustering Mac OS X nodes using standard Unix APIs.

The German Unix User Group (GUUG) will present a similar briefing tomorrow at 10am in Berlin, also featuring Patience.