Mac OS X version 10.2 (code-named “Jaguar”), the next major release of Mac OS X featuring more than 150 amazing new features and applications, is now on sale for £99 (including VAT) from Apple Authorized Resellers and the online Apple Store.

“With Jaguar, you get a whole new Mac for just £99,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “With more than 150 amazing new features and applications – such as iChat instant messaging, junk mail filtering and Rendezvous networking technology – Jaguar delivers the best Mac experience ever.”

10.2 includes an improved Mail application designed to eliminate junk mail, iChat AIM-compatible instant messenger, a system-wide Address Book, Inkwell handwriting recognition, QuickTime 6 with MPEG-4, improved Universal Access, an enhanced Finder, Sherlock 3 with Internet Services, Quartz Extreme graphics acceleration technology and Rendezvous, Apple’s “revolutionary” networking technology.

Pricing options The suggested selling price of £99 is for a single user licence. A Mac OS X v10.2 Family Pack is a single-residence, five-user licence package, designed for home users, that will be available for a suggested selling price of £159.

The Mac OS Up-to-Date programme covers both new Mac purchases made on or after 17 July, 2002 and Mac OS X v10.1 purchases made on or after 17 July, 2002. The Mac OS X v10.2 Up-To-Date package is available for a shipping and handling fee of £14, and includes the Mac OS X v10.2 upgrade CDs and an updated Developer Tools CD.

10.2 requirements Mac OS X v10.2 “Jaguar” requires a minimum of 128MB of memory and is designed to run on the following Apple products: iMac, iBook, Power Macintosh G3, Power Mac G4, Power Mac G4 Cube and any PowerBook introduced after May 1998.

Quartz Extreme requires a NVidia GeForce2 MX, GeForce3, GeForce4 Titanium or GeForce4 MX card or any ATI AGP Radeon card. A minimum of 16MB VRAM is required; 32MB VRAM is recommended for optimum performance.

In the US all 35 Apple retail stores will host Jaguar kick-off events with free gifts, savings, demos and a chance to win a Mac.