Apple continues to hammer home its message of the use of digital media in UK education, introducing the Portable Digital Media Lab (pictured).

This consists of a 500MHz iBook, Canon DV camcorder and Canon digital camera. The company calls this a "mobile content creation and editing suite", and describes it as "bringing a radical new perspective to learning, giving pupils the freedom to document, discover and interact with the world around them in new and exciting ways".

The portable kit is designed for field trips and assignments. The camera is an Ixus V, while the DV camera is Canon's MV400i. The Lab includes a FireWire cable for fast data transfers. The batteries for all three devices can be recharged using a single power cable attached to the case.

The case also reflects Apple's customary attention to detail - its lock is configured so it can't be opened upside down, and the cover is removable, preventing it from getting in the way when placed on a desk. It also integrates what Apple calls a "liftomatic" system, which raises the iBook while in the case so cameras can be connected to the computer without removing it from that case. Apple's special educational price for the Lab is £2,467. The kit is not available to Apple's non-educational customers.