Apple has significantly upgraded its Pro website, introducing in-depth video reports taken from cutting-edge applications of its technologies across a range of disciplines.

Announcing its new content feast, Apple says: "Design, photography, music, film, motion graphics - unbound by discipline, creative pros are drawing from any or all of them to redefine the work they do."

The company has published a series of video profiles, in which real practitioners talk about how they are using Apple technology to achive new results.

The first video chats include artists, designers, video producers and more. The reports explain the importance of Apple solutions in creating the visual, sound and design experience. Participants also speak candidly about what they have learned in their professions in discussions which should hold value for many professional Mac users.

Designer Matt Pyke discusses Universal Everything, his internationally renowned Mac-based design studio that he runs from his office at home in Sheffield.

Apple also takes time to speak with the founders of London-based design studio (Airside), a firm which uses sound, images and movies in "interesting ways", with an extensive client list that includes Panasonic.

A third report looks at New York graphic design studio 2x4. The studio has moved from its traditional roots to become a multimedia-focused powerhouse with a wide client list, creating everything from print to motion graphics.

Cristian Jofre talks about how Macs are used at MTV, and shares his vision of a socially connected world and its impact on turning passive consumers into active content creators.