Apple has released three more in its amusing series of 'Get a Mac' ads, starring John Hodgman and Justin Long.

All three new ads: 'Surgery', 'Sabotage' and 'Tech Support' are available now to view on Apple's website.

Apple hasn't yet made its popular ads available as podcasts through its iTunes Store, though they are available there thanks to YaBlog.

'Surgery' features the PC character preparing for an upgrade to Vista. He's quite stressed-out and wearing a surgical gown.

'Sabotage' features a third character — a PC impersonating a Mac — he spins a few yarns, ("PC's are better", "Macs aren't becoming more popular"), until his attempt to undermine the platform is interrupted by the unexpected appearance of the real Mac. "I'm a big fan," the fake Mac says.

The final new title, 'Tech Support', shows PC being upgraded with a webcam. "Cool," says the Mac, "you can talk to your friends". "No," replies the PC, "it's for serious business." Mac explains the inclusion of a webcam in most Apple machines, and the PC walks off, hurt.

You can check the new titles here.