Apple has released an update for Final Cut Pro, bringing it to version 3.0.2.

The update “addresses performance and reliability issues” in Apple’s digital-video editing application, and offers a selection of enhancements.

Highlights include: the elimination of unexpected quitting on launch on multiprocessor Macs running Mac OS X; and the elimination of dropped frames during playback of a sequence with short audio clips. The Voice Over tool now works correctly when an RTMac is installed – mono audio is now mixed into a stereo file on RTMac systems, and the application now supports real-time effects when using OfflineRT clips with a frame rate of 23.98 fps.

The enabler file that defines Final Cut Pro’s real-time capabilities has also been updated to take into account performance increases when using dual 1GHz computers. In general, this results in an extra real-time compositing layer in sequences using OfflineRT or DV.

More information about the update and the download itself is available from Apple.