Apple has confirmed that a revised security update it distributed last week fixed a problem found in Safari on some systems.

The new update addresses a problem that users who had moved Safari out of their Applications folder had been experiencing after installing the original patch.

Apple describes the problem faced by users in such cases as follows: "After you install Security Update 2006-002 v1.0, Safari might have a blank icon that won't launch Safari."

The new version of the security update allows such users to launch Safari without difficulties, an Apple spokesman said. Users who have already installed the earlier 2006-002 v1.0 version of the update without difficulties do not need to upgrade to the 1.1 patch, he said.

Security experts recommends Mac OS X users should install the patch immediately, as it addresses a number of known security problems in the operating system. "For home users: Apply the patch as soon as you can," wrote Johannes Ullrich, chief research officer for the SANS Institute.