It's official – Apple has announced iPhoto 1.1.1, the newest update for its OS X-only digital-photography image-editing, management and sharing application. However, non-North American iPhoto users are still denied its innovative photo reproduction services.

The application appeared briefly last week, but wasn't the official release - and was quickly removed.

iPhoto 1.1.1 introduces new contrast and brightness controls, integrates with Mac OS X's Mail application for the simple emailing of images, and offers controls to set favourite images as desktop backgrounds from within the application.

Requested features “iPhoto is a true breakthrough for consumers who want to get more out of their digital cameras,” said Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing.

“Now with iPhoto 1.1, we’re bringing our customers their most requested new features, making importing, editing, organizing and sharing photos easier and more powerful than ever before.”

This version of the application also lets users choose an iPhoto album to play as a screen-saver slide show, and enables the creation of self-contained QuickTime slideshows, including background music and cross-dissolved transitions between frames.

It allows users to search for images using text information held in a photo's comment field, and lets them view EXIF metadata associated with photo JPEG files, such as creation date and shutter speed. It also offers improved printer templates for better use of paper when printing images.

International English The application update is available for download. It requires Mac OS X 10.1.2 or later. International English versions are available.

However, the international English version of iPhoto suffers from a major usability flaw in comparison to the US. In the US, iPhoto users can submit digital images for printing using Apple's Amazon-licensed one-click ordering service. US users can also order one-off cloth-bound books of their favourite images. International users cannot take advantage of either facility.