Apple has updated Mac OS X with the release of version 10.0.4.

This multi-country release updates system software and beefs up performance. It is the most comprehensive update of the operating system yet, according to Apple.

Compatibility with "certain" third-party USB peripherals has been improved. These include inkjet printers, self-powered USB hubs, handheld devices, third-party mice and keyboard input devices.

Burnability There have also been improvements to iTunes' audio CD-burning performance. This release makes iTunes compatible with additional third-party USB CD-RW drives, including: Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R1101 Combo Drive; Que Plextor PX-W1610A; MKE CD-RW CW8571B; Que Lite-On LTR-12101B; Iomega ZipCD 650; and Iomega Predator ZipCD 650.

The reliability of the Classic environment after waking from sleep has also been improved. Other general enhancements permit third-party hardware drivers to perform better in the Classic environment, and future OS X hardware drivers can be developed to co-exist with Classic device drivers for the same USB device.

Two versions of the update are available for download. The 19.3MB file updates all previous versions to 10.0.4. A smaller 12MB file, updates version 10.0.3 to version 10.0.4.

There are two methods of download: either by the software update section of Mac OS X; or via the Apple Software Updates section on its Web site.