Apple has updated its AirPort software for Mac OS X Panther and Windows, and also introduced a new AirPort Base Staton model.

The new Airport Extreme Base Station product integrates Power over Ethernet support, based on the 802.3af standard. Such support means this new model product can receive both data and power from the ethernet cable. While no official announcement on the product has been made, more information is available from Apple.

AirPort Update 3.4 offers improved antenna output control, enhanced logging from any base station that is compatible with syslog, and performance improvements for WPA security implementations. It works with Mac OS X 10.3.

The software release supports both AirPort Extreme and AirPort products. It is an 8MB update.

According to Apple, there are two steps in upgrading to AirPort 3.4. It is necessary to upgrade the AirPort software on the Mac as well as the software on the AirPort Base Station or AirPort Extreme Base Station. The update is available via Software Update.

Apple has also updated AirPort Management Tools. The update includes an AirPort Management Utility and AirPort Client Monitor that provide tools for planning, setting up, fine-tuning, and managing enterprise-class wireless networks. It requires Mac OS X 10.3. It requires that AirPort 3.4 be installed. It is a 1MB update.

Not wishing to leave out Windows users, Apple has also updated AirPort Admin Utility for Windows. Version 3.4 features improved antenna output control, performance improvements for WPA security implementations, the ability to control the WAN Ethernet speed, and a menu item for AirPort help within the AirPort Admin Utility. It is a 8MB update.