Apple has updated each of the applications contained within its iLife '06 suite for Macs.

iDVD 6.0.1, iMovie HD 6.0.1, iWeb 1.0.1, and iPhoto 6.0.1 are all available from Apple support or through Software Update now.

The company has also released an iTunes update, version 6.0.3 for Mac and Windows systems.

A 4.6MB download, iDVD 6.0.1 addresses "issues with integration" with the other iLife applications, such as importing legacy projects and "some" theme-related issues, the company said.

The largest of the new updates, the 51.5MB iMovie HD 6.0.1 addresses several issues, the company revealed: Ken Burns rendering performance, Scrubber Bar editing performance and theme image quality are all improved.

The 18.3MB iWeb 1.0.1 update is described as addressing: "issues related to publishing, blogs and other issues."

The company revealed that some of iWeb's "issues" include: "Page names and numbering; .Mac slideshow image loading; Photocast icon and Photocast URL; and Movie preview".

iPhoto 6.0.1 is a 12MB download that will resolve "issues with photocasting, viewing thumbnails in large libraries, and ordering cards, calendars and books." The company added that it also addresses "a number of other minor issues".

The cross-platform iTunes update (25MB) is described as offering "performance and stabillity updates".