Apple has now posted its update to Final Cut Pro, bringing its video-editing package to Version 1.2.5.

The update adds YUV processing, which lets you preserve the values of your original source material, and support for the 16:9 format has also been improved, users can now use a full suite of editing tools in this mode. Rendering speeds have also been increased with a "make reference movie" command.

These new features build on those added with Final Cut Pro 1.2, which added G4 Velocity Engine support, increased rendering speeds, improved batch capture, convenient three-way shuttling, the ability to import Macromedia Flash files and new audio reverb filters and PAL support.

The upgrade is available as a free download, customers can also order an update CD for $19.95 direct from here.

At present, the update is for North-American English users only. Apple could not comment when a version for International-English Macintosh users would be available.