Apple has released an International English update to its FireWire software.

FireWire 2.3.3 includes three system extensions. FireWire Support adds services to the Mac OS to support the use of FireWire hardware and software. A FireWire enabler extension adds hardware-specific support for certain FireWire interfaces. And, FireWire CardBus Enabler adds hardware-specific support for the Newer FireWire 2 Go CardBus interface for PowerBooks.

The update also fixes problems when using Firewire 2.3 – certain DV camcorders will no longer crash the computer or lose their connections when importing video using Final Cut Pro or iMovie. Mac OS no longer hangs while booting if certain hard-disk drives are connected, and certain systems using multiple FireWire-hard-drives will no longer hang during heavy-disk activity.

The software can be downloaded from Apple’s Web site.