Apple has released updates for iTunes, iPhoto and - for systems that support it - Front Row.

The updates - all three of which improve Apple's Front Row software - are available for download directly from Apple or by using Software Update.

This version of Front Row lets users explore shared iPhoto content, iTunes music and videos stored on Macs that are on the same network, thanks to Apple's Bonjour networking technology.

Front Row 1.2.1 (5.5MB) lets users: "Enjoy full-screen music, photos, videos, and DVDs on your Mac using a simple Apple remote control. This Front Row update improves compatibility with iTunes and iPhoto sharing."

iPhoto 6.0.2 (13.7MB) is described as correcting some "minor issues" when playing shared slideshows in Front Row. The new iTunes 6.0.4 (19.5MB) also repairs issues connected with Front Row.

Front Row lets users listen to music, navigate iPhoto collections and watch videos held on an enabled Mac - or other Macs on a network - using an Apple Remote control.