Apple has released a second series of updates for its iLife '06 suite of creative applications.

Updates are available for iDVD, iWeb and iPhoto. Two updates are available for iMovie HD, one to update the application from the previous version, the other (Combo) update will apply both this and a previously installed update.

The weighty iWeb 1.1 (88.8MB) update adds two new features for .Mac subscribers. These features allow for comment support in blogs and podcasts (but only on .Mac-published websites), and also deliver support for searching through blogs (on .Mac-published sites).

The update also ushers in improved usability to themes and templates; image management fixes to improve site performance; and a series of bug fixes, performance and usability improvements.

iDVD 6.0.2 (5MB) is described as addressing some problems found when burning some 16:9 projects, and also makes the application more stable.

The iMovie HD 6.0.2 (7MB) and iMovie HD 6.0.2 Combo (54.6MB) releases address a series of issues, including: Ken Burns rendering performance, scrubber bar editing performance, theme image quality, PAL audio, and displaying iLife Sound Effects automatically in the iLife Media Browser.

iPhoto 6.0.3 (13.9MB) addresses issues found when photocasting Smart Albums, sharing iPhoto libraries, and creating calendars and books. It also addresses a number of other minor issues.