Apple has introduced three breeds of security update for Mac OS X systems, supporting Intel and PowerPC Macs as well as systems running OS X 10.3.9 'Panther'.

These security updates address bugs found by security researcher Kevin Finisterre and hacker 'LMH' during their month long effort to uncover security flaws in Apple products and Mac software.

The 2007-02 updates are recommended for all users and improve the security of Apple's iChat application, addressing a bug in Apple's Bonjour zero configuration networking software that was also identified by the security researchers.

On systems running Tiger, the update addresses a bug in which "a maliciously crafted disk image may lead to an application crash or arbitrary code execution," Apple said.

The updates also address a vulnerability in the UserNotificationCenter process that could potentially grant system privileges to malicious users.

The three available updates are:

Security Update 2007-002 (Universal).

Security Update 2007-002 (PPC).

Security Update 2007-002 (Panther).