Apple has released updates for Mac OS X and Final Cut Pro.

The Carbon Sound Manager update is available through the Software Update feature in Mac OS X 10.2. The update improves the reliability and performance of applications that use Carbon Sound Manager.

Apple has also updated Final Cut Pro to version 3.0.4.

This update offers a number of enhancements to the performance and reliability of the company's digital-video application.

Improvements include: correct representation of effects in exported Edit Decision Lists (EDLs); EDL clips containing speed changes are now imported correctly; incorrect sync in Exported OMF files is eliminated; real-time performance on dual-processor 1.25GHz Power Macs has been improved; and clips from reels with timecode information during hour 23 now capture and import correctly.

Instances of audio dropouts occurring after mixing down audio in sequences with multiple cross dissolves are also eliminated by the update.

The 35MB update is available for download from Apple's Final Cut Pro pages. Mac OS X 10.2.1 is required.