Apple has updated QuickTime to version 6.4 for both Mac and Windows.

The update improves QuickTime's 3GPP support, including its video, audio, text and native 3GP file format support.

Apple's notes reveal: "Because 3GPP is now a part of the core architecture of QuickTime, you can import, export, and play back .3gp files just as you do .mp4 and .mov files. The technologies in QuickTime 6.4 that provide these capabilities are enhanced MPEG-4 and H.263 video codecs, a newly enhanced AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) audio codec, an AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate) audio codec, a 3G Text importer and exporter, and a user-friendly 3GPP export dialog to aid in the creation of 3GPP-compliant files. This support is now available as part of QuickTime 6.4."

Other enhancements include DV encoding and decoding improvements that should "provide greater efficiency throughout the DV workflow for users of Final Cut Pro, iMovie and other QuickTime-based applications."

The update also offers support for Panther's Pixlet codec, better playback of both SD and HD streams, and Java 1.4.1 support. Windows users will find "overall application performance enhancements", Apple said.