Apple has updated its Administration Tools for Xserve RAID, introducing version 1.1 of the Java-based suite.

Apple notes accompanying the release say: "RAID Admin is the Xserve RAID's powerful remote management software that dramatically simplifies setup and monitoring of storage volumes. The robust self-monitoring technology and automatic notification service maximizes storage availability while minimizing the pressure on system administrators.

"This Java-based application provides an intuitive interface for creating protected storage volumes, logging events, managing preferences, and monitoring storage hardware from virtually any networked computer over TCP/IP.

"Monitoring panes display detailed information on arrays, drives, Fibre Channel, network, thermal, power, and events. You can add new systems to the Admin via IP or Apple's innovative Rendezvous technology. The RAID Admin tool also lets you set up notification via email to let you know when a problem is detected.

"Also included in RAID Admin are advanced Fibre Channel networking features such as LUN masking, which enables you to make storage volumes accessible to specific host systems while masking them from others on the Fibre Channel network."

The 5MB download is available from Apple's support website.