Apple has updated Safari, its Mac-only Web-browser, to version 1.2.

The company has also released Java 1.4.2. Both are available through Software Update.

Apple is known to have released Safari 1.2 to developers last week; simultaneous to that distribution of then-beta software, the company also released a beta Panther update, version 10.3.3. This update is not yet on general release.

Safari 1.2: "Improves compatibility with Web-sites and Web applications by providing increased support for standards, adds support for personal certificate authentication, and works with Java 1.4.2 to enable websites that rely on LiveConnect for communication between JavaScript and Java applets.

"This update also provides improved application stability, full keyboard access for navigating Web pages, and the ability to resume interrupted downloads," Apple said.

Notes on this update released to developers reveal that Safari 1.2 introduces a number of significant improvements and an extension of the Tabs-based features introduced in version 1.1.1. Safari browsers can now use the Tab button to move between form elements, such as buttons, checkboxes and submit buttons. It also offers users the option to activate/deactivate a feature that lets them Tab to hyperlinks on a Web page.

Additional improvements include an improved download manager capable of resuming unfinished downloads; support for custom cursors and the capacity to view the dimensions of an image.

The company's notes say that the Java update: "Provides support for Sun's Java 1.4.2 APIs, and includes enhancements to drawing performance and stability for both Java applications and Java applets."

Java 1.4.2 is a 29.4MB update while Safari weighs in at 7.7MB.