Apple has published new-look 'Switch' pages on its US site.

The page lists ten good reasons for users to move to Mac, alongside purchasing advice and six ways to take data from a PC to a Mac.

The pages stress the relative reliability of the platform; the integration of its own suite of iLife creative applications; its ease of use and connectivity advantages; and the design quality of each product.

"Our designers and engineers agonize over every millimeter of every new Macintosh model and every pixel of the user interface. The result: ergonomic products that are the toast of the design world."

The pages also work to debunk two flawed but stubborn misconceptions: that Microsoft Office doesn't work on a Mac (it does); and that Macs are hard to network with Windows PCs (it's Windows that is the problem).

"Standards let everyone work together harmoniously. That's why Apple has adopted so many of them," the pages state.

Apple has also published a selection of new switcher stories, including one in which a father details his family's decision to buy an iBook after his daughter's PC became riddled with spyware: "It's only been six months since we made the switch. We used to fight about computer problems, now we fight over who gets to use the Mac."