Apple is said to be investigating issues with new MacBook Air models that are producing static distortion when connected to Apple's Thunderbolt Display, and now there have been claims that Apple is shipping a slightly updated version of their Thunderbolt Display to Apple Stores internationally.

While it is not yet confirmed whether the new models have the same sound issue as reported recently, it seems likely that the new package includes the new £9 MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converte, free of charge. 

The change was first noted by a source when they saw that part code for the Thunderbolt Display had changed from MC914LL/A to MC914LL/B, notes 9to5Mac. 

The converter allows the customer to use the MagSafe connector on their LED Cinema Display, Thunderbolt Display or MagSafe Power Adapter to charge their MagSafe 2–equipped Mac computer. It has been included for free with purchases of the Thunderbolt Display since 11 June when the new MacBook Air and Retina display MacBook Pro were released.

The Apple Cinema Display has seen no changes to its part code and there's no suggestion that it includes the adapter.